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"You're in America now," I said. "Our idea of diplomacy is showing up with a gun in one hand and a sandwich in the other and asking which you'd prefer."

--Harry Dresden [Turn Coat, by Jim Butcher]

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There are only 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who know binary, and those who don't.

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Basic Gameplay

One person is the game's Narrator - they moderate the game, rather than participating. Everyone else is dealt a card that gives them their secret role as a player. The Narator governs the game. This is a game best played by 12 or more people. For additional players, add more Peasants. For fewer player, double up on, or eliminate roles.


Roles Explained


  1. The Narrator tells everyone to close their eyes ("It is now nighttime and everyone is asleep..."). The night phase can optionally be accompanied by all players tapping gently to mask any giveaway sounds of player movement.
  2. On the first night the Cupid is woken to select the Man and Wife.
  3. Each night, the Narrator tells each Monster Group to open their eyes, one group at a time, and acknowledge their fellow members. They kill off one of the other players by silently gesturing to indicate their target and to show unanimity. Then the Narrator instructs the Monster Group to "sleep" (close their eyes again).
  4. Now the Seer will open his eyes and point at a suspect; if that player is in a Monster Group, the narrator will make a sige to indicate which group (A pair of spread fingers making a "V" for a Vampire, fingers forming a "W" for Werewolf). Then the Narrator instructs the Seer to "sleep".
  5. The Healer is now told to open her eyes; she has two types of potions: one that heals (she can use one each round) and one that kills a player. (She gets exactly one of these.) Each round she points at someone to heal, without knowing if they have been attacked, then goes back to sleep. She is barred from protecting the same target on successive nights. She may use the killing potion on a night of her choice.


  1. The Narrator tells everyone to wake up. Unless the Healer and a Monster group selected the same target a murder is announced, sometimes with a little narrative detail. For example, "The village chief said, 'Bob was shot seven times, stabbed three times, and drowned in the river. This is the worst case of suicide I've ever seen.'" This player is "dead" and may no longer participate in the game in any way.
  2. During the daytime phase, the players deliberate over which suspected Monster they wish to nominate for execution. Once nominations are made, the narrator administrates an election between the nominees, in which all players vote - whoever receives the most votes is lynched; Before they are, the condemed has a chance to make final speech. If they can convince anyone to recind their vote, good for them, the vote shifts. If there are still enough votes for the condemed to be exicuted, they are "dead" and flip their card face up (revealing their true alignment).
  3. Because players have less information and more freedom to deliberate, during the day, the day phase tends to be longer than the night phase. The day phase either has a set time limit, or continues until a lynch has been performed.

Win Conditions

The last Group standing wins. These are the possible winning combinations: